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Few people are fortunate enough to call Yellowstone their home. For me, growing up in such a spectacular place fueled a passion for the great outdoors, and inspired me to eventually pursue wildlife conservation academically. While working for the National Park Service in Yellowstone, I noticed a problem. Even though there were millions like me who shared this same appreciation, they often found themselves without affordable access to bear spray - a true necessity in such a wild place. I wondered why visitors were paying full price for a can of bear spray, and then most often dropping that can into a recycling bin - or worse, a garbage can. I wanted to find a better way.

I think that when it comes to bear safety, it shouldn’t have to be expensive and it shouldn’t have to be complicated.

TrailQuipt was established to conveniently equip your adventure with both the knowledge and the tools that you need to be prepared for bear country. Our innovative grab-and-go vending system makes it easier than ever before to get bear spray when you need it, and drop it off when you don’t. All at a low price.

As you make your Yellowstone plans, we hope that you plan to visit safely by carrying bear spray. With TrailQuipt, you will get peace of mind as you protect your life, your wallet, and our beloved ecosystem. We sincerely thank you for your support.

~ Ryan, Founder

Renting Is Easy

Protect yourself, our ecosystem, and your peace of mind with TrailQuipt bear spray rentals in Yellowstone National Park.
Rent Bear Spray for Yellowstone National Park

1. Rent

Through our contactless grab-and-go vending system, you get bear spray for as long as you need it.
Enjoy Your Adventure with TrailQuipt Bear Spray

2. Adventure

Carry your bear spray and know how to use it
Return TrailQuipt Bear Spray to one of the convenient Yellowstone National Park Locations

3. Return

Return your unused, undamaged canister and you will be refunded the difference between the rental fee and your deposit.

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