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TrailQuipt Customer Testimonials

 When it comes to bear spray, TrailQuipt has you covered and our customers know it...

David M.

"Simple to get and return. Good to save money as every thing is pricey in Yellowstone. I would definitely use this Bear Spray system again. Happy Hiker."


Ronja W.

"This has been an extremely helpful service with affordable price, accessible location and easy procedures. Would always come back."


Kelly H.

"Convenient and easy to use. Perfect for our family since we needed it for only a day."


Colleen P.

"While visiting Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, I searched for bear spray rentals. I came across Trailquipt online, called and found out exactly how it worked. Very easy to get and return and you didn’t need to pick up and drop off at the same location. I did speak to someone (not sure if he was the owner) on the phone who we actually got to meet when we were picking up our spray. Super nice guy! We highly recommend Trailquipt and will be using them again when we return! Thank you!"


Nathan H.

"Convenient rental, I picked up here in Gardiner in the lobby (on your left as you enter the right most door to the hotel) and returned to West Yellowstone. Didn't need to use it, but the internet is full of people who should."


Genia W.

"After hearing about recent attacks in Yellowstone, I was a little weary of hiking. But having bear spray on our family vacation really helped put me at ease and I felt safe knowing it was available should we find ourselves in need of it. Thankfully we didn’t, but I’m even more thankful that renting bear spray with TrailQuipt is even an option."


Stefan G.

"Easiest way to rent bear spray. No need to buy since you cannot take it with you on the plane anyhow."


Mike H.

"Quick and easy way to have peace of mind while hiking in Bear Country."


P Mo

"Easy rental and return via vending machine for bear spray in West Yellowstone. It was extremely convenient for me."


Kris G.

"The rental was easy. The return was easy. If I get my refund as promised I would give it a 5 star!!"


Kevin G.

"We didn’t see the sign outside so we ended up calling and the guy was really patient and nice as he gave us direction to get there while I was talking to him... was easy to take out and return. Thanks."


Kay J.

"Renting bear spray in Yellowstone was so convenient! Just walked in, used the touch screen by entering my phone number and swiped my credit card (you pay a deposit, which is refundable, and just pay for the days you’re keeping it) and out popped the bear spray. It’s an absolute necessity to carry around when hiking anywhere in Yellowstone. We kept it for 9 days (thankfully didn’t need to use it) then brought it back. I even entered my cell number rather than my husbands and I received a call notifying me of this and to give the correct number so I can receive my deposit back. I am super appreciative of this and would recommend anyone who visits Yellowstone to use this service! So convenient, fast, cheaper than buying at a store, and being able to return it so someone else can use it is environmentally friendly as well."


Kelly J.

"This was a very convenient option to get bear spray to protect my family during our three day trek into Yellowstone. This was also a cost saver versus buying a product I won’t need for another few years. Loved seeing this alternative to buying it for $50+. The hours to access the kiosk was also convenient and loved the text messages confirming rental and the return. Great system!"


William D.

"Convenient, reasonable cost. Thankfully, did not get to test effectiveness but felt much more secure with it."


Aaron W.

"This is the best bear spray rental for Yellowstone National Park. The kiosk is convenient and easy to use plus it saves you time and money. Thanks for making hiking and camping safer with convenient bear spray rental!"

Renting Is Easy

Protect yourself, our ecosystem, and your peace of mind with TrailQuipt bear spray rentals in Yellowstone National Park.
Rent Bear Spray for Yellowstone National Park

1. Rent

Reserve ahead of time or walk right in! Through our secure locker system, you get bear spray for as long as you need it.

Enjoy Your Adventure with TrailQuipt Bear Spray

2. Adventure

Carry your bear spray and know how to use it.

Return TrailQuipt Bear Spray to one of the convenient Yellowstone National Park Locations

3. Return

Return your unused, undamaged canister to one of our convenient locations, and you will only pay for your rental fee plus tax.

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