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Rent Bear Spray for Yellowstone National Park


Do I really need bear spray?

"I’m not hiking far.”
“I’m only hiking on busy trails.”

The reality is that bear attacks have happened at some of Yellowstone’s most famous attractions and most packed trailheads.
See here: Grizzly bear chases and injures 10-year-old boy near Old Faithful
The good news from this story? “The family was able to drive off the animal using bear spray." Upon being sprayed, the bear shook its head and left.

Why rent bear spray?

  1. Save money- Bear spray can cost up to $60 to purchase. Our rentals start at just $16!
  2. You can’t take it on the plane- Bear spray can’t go on a plane, as it’s against FAA regulations. Not even in a checked bag!
  3. Bear spray expires- Even if you may use bear spray in the future, the canister loses its propellant over time. Renting our bear spray means that you’ll have a canister within its usable shelf life.

Why not just use a firearm?

Those who use a firearm against an attacking bear are injured about half the time. Check out our Bear Spray page to learn more about its effectiveness.

Does it come with a holster?

Yes, every rental includes a hip holster so that you can carry the spray on your person and not in your pack! See our safety page for more information.

Can I test the bear spray?

Though we encourage you to practice removing the canister from the holster and mentally rehearsing how you would react during a dangerous bear encounter, the canisters are non-refillable and therefore we cannot refund your deposit if the canister is used.

Frontiersman bear spray by SABRE undergoes rigorous quality control procedures so that you can carry it with confidence.

Can I return my canister to any location?

Yes, canisters can be returned to any TrailQuipt location. See locations for more details.

How many cans of bear spray does my group need?

For best protection, TrailQuipt recommends one canister of bear spray for each person. However, we recommend no less than one canister per 3 people at a minimum.

Should I hike with the safety clip on or off?

We do not recommend hiking with the safety clip removed, as accidental discharge may occur. However, certain situations may call for an extra dose of caution, in which case you could have your bear spray out and ready to use. See our Bear Safety and Bear Spray pages for more information.

Is bear spray rental safe?

Our canisters are inspected for damage, sanitized, and weighed before they ever touch your hands. We are also proud to partner with SABRE, the world’s leader in pepper spray products, whose bear sprays undergo rigorous quality control procedures.

How does payment work?

At the time of purchase you will be charged a refundable deposit of  US$50.00. Once you return the unused and undamaged bear spray canister you will be refunded the difference between the deposit and the rental price within 14 days. See pricing for more details.

How do I get my refund?

Return your unused and undamaged canister to any TrailQuipt location using the same phone number that was used to rent the canister. Within 14 days, TrailQuipt will inspect the canister and issue a refund according to your rental period. 

How long does it take for my refund to appear?

You should expect your refund to be processed within 14 days of return.

Which payment methods are accepted?

NFC Payment - Bear Spray Rentals
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. Compatible with NFC payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

What are your business hours?

Our hours vary by location. See our locations page for details.

Renting Is Easy

Protect yourself, our ecosystem, and your peace of mind with TrailQuipt bear spray rentals in Yellowstone National Park.
Rent Bear Spray for Yellowstone National Park

1. Rent

Through our contactless grab-and-go vending system, you get bear spray for as long as you need it.
Enjoy Your Adventure with TrailQuipt Bear Spray

2. Adventure

Carry your bear spray and know how to use it
Return TrailQuipt Bear Spray to one of the convenient Yellowstone National Park Locations

3. Return

Return your unused, undamaged canister and you will be refunded the difference between the rental fee and your deposit.

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