Bear Spray Rentals

Yellowstone National Park

Stay Safe with Bear Spray

From the casual visitor to the backcountry enthusiast,

TrailQuipt conveniently equips your next adventure with our innovative grab-and-go bear spray rental locker system.
TrailQuipt was founded for the convenience and safety of people like you. It is our goal that everyone who enters grizzly country has the tools and the knowledge to safely enjoy all that the Yellowstone ecosystem has to offer.
Contactless Rentals
Bear Spray Locker System
Serving Yellowstone National Park
“Carrying bear spray is the best way for visitors to participate in bear conservation because reducing potential conflicts protects both people and bears…”

Kerry Gunther

Yellowstone’s Bear Management Biologist

Protect Your Life and Wildlife

The research is clear. When used properly, bear spray works to reduce human-bear conflicts, protecting both you and bears. You can’t afford the risk of going without it.

Save Money

You'll never have to worry about buying expensive cans of bear spray only to have them expire or leave them behind when you board the plane. Our 2-day rentals start at just $16.

Reuse > Recycle

Your adventure doesn't have to hurt your wallet or our ecosystem. Do your part in reducing the use of disposables by renting rather than buying.

Seamless Digital Transactions

Convenient payment options mean less hassle and more time for you to be on the trail.

Safe and Secure

When you rent bear spray with TrailQuipt, you’ll always receive a sanitized, inspected canister within its usable shelf life.

Convenient Pickup & Return

Pick it up when you need it, drop it off when you don’t, and let TrailQuipt handle the rest.

Renting Is Easy

Protect yourself, our ecosystem, and your peace of mind with TrailQuipt bear spray rentals in Yellowstone National Park.
Rent Bear Spray for Yellowstone National Park

1. Rent

Through our contactless grab-and-go vending system, you get bear spray for as long as you need it.
Enjoy Your Adventure with TrailQuipt Bear Spray

2. Adventure

Carry your bear spray and know how to use it
Return TrailQuipt Bear Spray to one of the convenient Yellowstone National Park Locations

3. Return

Return your unused, undamaged canister and you will be refunded the difference between the rental fee and your deposit.

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